Thursday, December 17

dark and black at midnight.

i would have been terrified.

panicked. in labor.

only a guiding star.....

tears of pain, but a young woman

who said yes to God, and quietly,

a young man who took all his cues

from the Holy God.

oh, i mess up with God.

i have never been so yielded

to God that i didn't pace

and pace some more

for His provision. yet i have NEVER

been disappointed by Jesus. that's

why i talk to others about His vast,

stretched love that wraps His arms

around all of us, and quietly forgives

our failings. one finger of God's touch

washes our souls. just one finger.


a big, battered old tahoe truck

wouldn't start. a little goblin

in tears because he thought he

couldn't go trick or treating.

fixing it with my jumper cables,

reminding this mother that Jesus

had it covered.

did you say JESUS?!!

oh, i've wandered so far away

from Him.

oh, we all have,

and He still loves us.

at the gym.

doing my two straight hours,

non-stop, of running. a young

man...maybe 28..asked me HOW

i did this?! he could not possibly

last more than 30 minutes.

oh, i run to cope with my anxieties.

and i pray about my children. Jesus

has given me this great outlet to calm

me. i had a wet towel on my head.

hot. hot. and suddenly, there stood

my pastor. that was embarrassing,

but i still was able to talk about Jesus.

oh, i go to church

now and then. you know.

the man was glib.

oh, His love covers it all.

talk to Jesus while you're here,

wanting to kick the machine

with your running shoes.


i made sure

a little family had

a Christmas tree.

little things.

unexpected and

dropped in our laps every single

day because this serene couple.

carrying the Christ child...

made it the most beautiful, magnificent

adventure in bringing peace to the snarled,

crazy world we are all trying to create

beauty in. it is God's assignment.


always be ready.

always look for opportunities.

always notice the light in the trees.

the joy of children's laughter.

the faces all around you. God

shaped and made them all.

don't judge or qualify others' lives.

the choirs are all singing. don't spoil

the sound. let it shake you.

you hear the sound can't you?!

do you see Him in the most common

of those we pass every day? the

magnificence of a world that is different

in each life. i stick my finger in the pot

of gold....God's incredible love...and i

mark the walls of despair and pain

with shimmering kindness that paints

the loving face of God to ALL who see me.

the grocery store. the mall. target.

my children will all be home for Christmas.

and we tell you to forget all the chaos, and

rest in God's comfort and joy.

and we love you,

and wish you a beautiful Christmas.

a birthday of love. the biggest party ever.

year after year after year.

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