Wednesday, January 27

paint me a song.
a dozen crayons and
a sky to color.
the choir takes shape.
music lifts us above
the armies of darkness.
the ice of our hardened
hearts begins to melt.

melts our rage and compromise
and all the holes we can't
seem to crawl out of. don't
even know how we fell in.
despair, addictions. crippling

"there is no testimony
without a test." james 1

we had a ladies' function
at church on a saturday
morning. for me, every
new neighbor opens the door to
a bag of pastries in my arms.
i help in anyway i can.
but i just didn't remember to
invite the single mom
above me -

my friend, judy, had a neighbor
coming. changing her world.
it stopped me in my tracks.
what about the single mom

i was SCARED! yes!
i was. i can, and do, talk to
anyone about Jesus, but it was
8 p.m. the night before.

run, ann, before fear catches
you. let redemption have a chance.
to sing its song, and dance the rhythm
of love.

mary was dressing for a date.
not this time. downhearted?
NO!! i had done my part, and will
continue building bridges instead
of walls to her.

do you have days
when you feel you don't count?
where is life taking you? does
God REALLY care?!
really have a plan for YOU?

i'm coloring the sky
black. i don't like how
i'm feeling. oh, i want to
be PURE for Jesus. but
the angels are gone.
the music flat.
the air heavy.
how can Jesus use such
a flawed human like me?

i got the helmut.
grabbed the shield.
strapped on the breast-
plate of righteousness.

okay, warriors.
we are in battle.
i have your back.
hope you have mine.
i ran 12 miles for you
today. stay tough.
we will not be deterred
from loving the world to
Jesus. glorious Savior

i hear a thread of music.
the sky begins to warm.
the angels are tuning voices
for the next song.

never ever ever give up.
victory is ours.
hallelujah. hallelujah.

all images used by permission
copyright 2009 judy silverstein


  1. Beautifully, written by one who has been in the fire and emerged victorious...and strong...and true to the God she loves and serves

  2. Hi Ann...we knew each other back in Idaho Falls...remember how beautiful those falls were? Well, I was your son Taylors' first grade teacher...I was a single mom then...glad I had Jesus...I am living in Ca. I have been married to Bob for 18 years...we have two great teens...Christian 17 and Molly Mackenzie 15...I have been home with them for 16 years...homeschooling for 6 of those years...I have thought about you often over the years and prayer for you and you family...would love to see you at one of your speaking engagements and give you a big hug...Gods grace and blessings to you and your family...I Pete 5:10...we have and are experiencing many of the same struggles...Gods grace is sufficient for and always...Jodi(Johnson)Monday...would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You were a very strong influence on my youth. Your passion for Christ was refreshing and revealing.

    I think it was a Dallas Holm concert that my girl friend and I discovered you. We have now been married 38 years and deeply in love with Jesus.

    I have wondered many times, what ever happened to Ann Kiemel? I am glad to have stumbled on you and see that you are back!

    I am a chaser of God Spots. You are a God Spot as defined as "When God periodically authenticates His presence and I get to blog about it.

    God willing, visit me at

    God bless!

  4. I love how you always paint me a song with your words. This was delicious!!! Thank you!!!