Monday, March 15

a tear slid down my cheek.
one isolated sign that
something was broken in me.
a wound. a gnawing
pull against my heart.

someone said i was self-absorbed.
and wrapped up in stretching
my own victories for all to see.

what do we do
when someone hurts us?
when we believe it's unfair?

i have learned that there is ALWAYS
a pocket of truth in EVERYTHING
someone says to me. to
take heed. evaluate.
ask God to reveal it to us.

people were crushing me
against a book table following
an appearance. books thrust
in my face to be autograghed.
for a few moments,
it was scary. no air.

trying to catch my breath. men
were pushing the crowd back
when a young man yelled...

you are a complete phony.
i do not believe one thing you
said on stage tonight.
it was hollow and empty.

there was an audible gasp.
in the massive crowd..
around me. shock.

i stopped.
looked at all the faces.
it was that guy to the side.
i just knew it.

he slipped away.
it was a reminder that
i am flawed. that a meek
spirit is what matters. to
keep my eyes..on

keep running the Race.
take the blows.
understand it is a part
of the battle between good
and evil.

darts and arrows puncture
us. but Jesus interrupts to
protect us. He is the Victor.
and we are His. Truth prevails.

photo used by permission copyright Judy Silverstein 2009
scripture reference taken from NIV version

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  1. I just learned that the man who stuffed a contaminated, vinegar soaked latrine cleaning sponge into Jesus' mouth was actually trying to shut Him up...That is what the enemy does whenever God's people are speaking truth and love. Ann, know the Lord is leading you along the narrow road that's sprinkled with painful pebbles... only adding to the joy reserved for those who follow Him.