Friday, November 19

forgive my whining and groaning

about the dmv, and flunking the tests.

oh, please forgive. today, i walked in,

went straight to the counter, no studying.

and passed. hands down.

forgive someone you know you have

a grudge against. make the real power

of the glorious Cross worth what Jesus did.

forgive your children. human and struggling

and losing their ways and trying to find themselves

maybe in all the wrong ways. without forgiving, you

cannot genuinely listen and love and be creative

in how you express their beauty and value to you.


forgive yourselves.

i am ruthless with myself.

my failures and flaws are lined up,

side by side, stamped on the walls

of my closets and hidden places of

my heart.

a dear friend

told me the other night that

she covers for me when certain

people at the church are always

critical and judgemental of me.

why tell me that?

now i know i have all these people

who have negative opinions about me.

i slip into the service.

sit wherever there's a chair.

smile and greet a few people as i leave,

i have a few great friends there, but not

alot. why do people have negative opinions

of me? i don't vie for attention. make a scene.

it's so hard to have perspective with this.

i love that old song that pleads for sinners.

"just as I am,

without one plea...

but that thy Blood was shed for me...

oh, Lamb of God, i come. i come.

just as i am,

and waiting not

to rid my soul of one dark Thee

whose Blood can cleanse each spot...

oh, Lamb of God, i come."

when things get muddy

in our brains, and some things

run together and scramble our

perspective, know that deliverance

most often comes through forgiveness.

drawing so much strength from all

of you who love me and send me beautiful, ann

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