Wednesday, March 9

gushing with God's love.

running the race for His glory.

with all of you at my side.

the wilderness comes and goes.

but God has amazing surprises that

restore us and keep the passion alive.

the sky sometimes darkens.

the holes we fall into can be very deep.

very hard to crawl out of.

but...God...glorious God.

He is our story. He is our joy. He is

our perfection in brokenness. He does

the miracles. He creates the music.

i know. i have lived long enough

to see the miracles.

to watch the sunrise.

to see the seemingly-impossible

live. from holes to mountain peaks.

i love each of you.

this is our Race.

the Runner we are following is


never give up. never let fear rule.

never take credit

for victories. never forget to praise

the One who forces the desert and wide, lonely

places to clash into honor and wisdom

and celebration.

love wins.

not judgement.

not pride.

not criticism.



if you don't know how

you will pay the bills, or

how you can conquer your

addictions. or how one of your

children is going to make it.

or how to turn loss to gain...

I can promise you that, with God,

you can. i've run way down

the road...and i have seen
the victories and

heard the music shattering

our feeble faith.

God looks at our hearts.

He asks that we keep them with

all diligence.

today, i don't notice people's externals.

with my children, i care only about their

hearts. the rest is periphery.

"everyone who competes for the prize

is temperate in all things..."

"therefore, i run thus; not with

uncertainty. thus i fight. not as one

who beats the air. but i beat my body

and bring it into submission, lest, when

i have preached to others, i myself should

become disqualified."

I Timothy 4:16

I Corinthians 9:26, 27

on my most difficult days,

i remember you all are with me.

grab hands and never let go.

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