Sunday, January 1

i love Jesus.
as we approach 2012. our only real hope is
NOTHING but the Blood of Jesus,

pour it over us. in our hair and down into our souls. and
through our fingertips. let the Blood run into our rivers and
creeks, and the roaring oceans that seem to hold the universe
together. may the waters cleanse us and prepare us for
the good and the bad...the easy and the difficult...the losses and
the gains. and may NO ONE think that ANYTHING other than
the Blood of Jesus is our Song. our Hope. our Stay. i share
this beautiful, pristine and lovely writing of a man who grasped
the shining glory of God. God, Who holds all things in the palm of His hand.

God of all time,
Who makes all things new,
we bring before you the year now ending.
For life full and good.
for opportunities recognized and taken,
for love known and shared,
we thank you.

Where we have fallen short,
forgive us,
When we worry over what is past,
free us.

As we begin again
and take our first few steps into the future,
where nothing is safe and certain,
except You,
we ask for the courage of the wise men
who simply went and followed a star.
We ask for their wisdom,
in choosing to pursue the deepest truth,
not knowing where they would be led.
In the year to come, God of all time,
be our help and company.
Hold our hand as we journey onwards
and may Your dream of Shalom,
where all will be at peace,
be our guiding star.

Francis Brienen

My love and best for 2012. ann


  1. Thank you for your faithfulness, Ann. Love you!

  2. Ann,

    I am so glad you are back in the ministry again. Just found you online. You may or may not recall my dear friend, Mary Martha Dabbs who went to be with Jesus in 09. She and I loved reading your books and I got to hear you in person once in Des Moines, IA.

    Martha, I think kept up with you long after I did and talked about you often. She was working on her second book when she died and there are no plans at this point to have it in print so far as I am aware.

    Please know you have been missed and welcome back. It will be great to "read" from you once again.

    James Nutting
    McAllen, TX

  3. I am thrilled to be reading your words again....just Graham