Sunday, February 9

While Ann is in the hospital and unable to write her blogs, she so wanted to continue sharing with you.  We thought you might enjoy reading excerpts from Ann's books.  She thanks you so much for your prayers!

i love the word impossible...

it is like joy after sorrow.
people being friends after being enemies.
rainbows after drenching rain.
a wound healed.
sunsets on quiet evenings after hot, noisy days.

paralyzed, injured limbs, learning to grow strong and useful again.

forgiveness after wrong.
truth after fog.
new love-made babies.
birds learning to fly and own the sky.
bitterness turned to mellowness.
fresh, genuine hope ... once abandoned.
people finding each other at right moments,
in unexplained, obscure places...
for God-ordained reasons.

i love the word impossible because my God
believes in adventure
and extraordinary mountains, and He dares to
be alive in a world crawling with terrible situations.

He promises to be bigger than any impossibility
because He is love...and love always finds a way
through, in time.
love isn't scared.
it builds bridges instead of walls.
it never gives up.
it always hangs on.
it waits with stubborn, strong hope.
sometimes even years.

love makes God alive in far more than human souls.
like sun and clear sky and drooping branches
and dark birds and color and design and music...
and the sound of water on a shore.

IMPOSSIBLE means that i,
an ordinary young woman,
can be something special and significant
in an enormous, hurting world.
i can be love where i live,
and that is Christ...

and HE really does make ALL
the difference!

excerpt from:  I Love The Word Impossible  - Ann Kiemel

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