Sunday, March 8

a publisher sent some quotes
from an old book of mine.
written in my 20's. to be used
in a new book coming out
by another author.

i am not a fan of everything
i write. i've cried at the
publication of every new book of mine.
cried after reading the first five pages.
wandering how i could have let ANY
publisher print such pitiful stuff.

but when Jesus chooses to put
His hand on ANYTHING or ANYONE,
He often chooses the least. the unex-

i thought a couple of lines
i penned when i was too young
to really even wear makeup
might help you today.

quote: everything must balance.
if i want to love deeply,
i should expect to suffer deeply.
this means i more or less choose
for myself what i want to put in
and take out of life. nothing great
or noble comes cheaply.

in your marriage today.
or trying to survive...raise...
adolescent children. or have
an obscure, unrewarding job...
choose to love and listen and give
with all your heart. knowing
suffering is part of the equation.
but victory, somewhere along the path,
is promised. a crease of light
rolling across the dark devastation.

another quote:
new year's eve.
it matters what you do
with a year. it counts.
the old is the foundation
for the new.

today, we've passed
new year's eve, 2008.
into the third month of 2009.
but let's join hands
and tangled legs. hearts
a little askew. let's go for more
than 2008. scratch the past failures
out with a black marker of the
second chance. race for The Star.

paint promises across the sky.
give your chilren room to
get lost and find themselves.
even if we thought we'd done
a better job and where they are
isn't exactly what we can brag
about, or had in mind. let our
children see us on our knees.

let's run to Jesus this year.
let's cry out. even if the window
is open. praise God for the boss
we don't like. and the teacher who
doesn't seem to notice how brilliant
our children are. for spilled milk
and babies crying. and our friends
who are late for dinner, and the
bread is cold.

i want to fly this year.
even if i fall now and then.
soar with the message
that Jesus lives, and He
is glorious.

i want to love
the homosexuals next door
without one sliver of judgment.
wrap them in God's big, warm
blanket that brings us together
and reminds all of us that
all God cares about is the heart.
did God say we aren't to love everyone?

i hope you are with me.
that i can reach out and
grab your hand. it will be a
much better year that way!


  1. ann, God can use us to change our world with love . love donna rae

  2. Ann- i am so, so thrilled to find this blog! i have been a fan of yours since your first book and you are a great hero of the faith to me...i wrote to you as a junior high girl after hearing you speak in tupelo, mississippi and was thrilled when you wrote back. that was 30 years ago or so... i loved hearing an update on Focus on the Family a year or 2 ago. THANK YOU for your honesty, your openness and your love and for doing this blog so your "fans" can keep up-to-date with you! we love you and are praying for you, your boys, and jan

  3. Ann, I read all your books back in college. You even spoke on my cmpus and I was there listening to every word.

    "...nothing great or noble comes cheaply."

    "let's run to Jesus this year.
    let's cry out."

    "i want to fly this year.
    even if i fall now and then.
    soar with the message
    that Jesus lives, and He
    is glorious"

    I'm amazed at how your words pierce my heart and soul!