Thursday, February 2

"Savior, like a Shepherd lead us.
much we need Thy tender care.
in thy pleasant pastures feed us.
for Thy use our souls prepares."

i received a seven-day pass to a 24 hr. fitness
with my friend, karen. i'm on the elliptical,
flying through the miles, when someone comes on
the loudspeaker system and announces my name had
been drawn as the winner of a 30-day pass. wow! a miracle.
i've gone almost every day, and pushed through two solid,
non-stop hours of running. sweat dripping off me and even
running down my nose. after 8 to 10 miles, the world looks
so much better.

maybe i won't drown financially.
maybe, somehow, God will make a path through an
impossible, tiny income that terrorizes me as i stare
at it like the enemy and i are in the war zone and my
only Hope is for Him to MAKE A WAY through this desert.

i pray for you a surprise today. to love yourself or be brave
enough to do the things that will re-generate your own self-
respect. go for it with Jesus, our invincible Warrior and
present help in needy, desperate times.

be the daniel of the lion's den. unfearful of the bears
and tigers of life. i have nothing to live on. and yesterday,
i finally had to give in and see the dentist because i was dealing
with a raw nerve somewhere. a cavity lying over a nerve. infected.
$1400 for the dentist and that amount for the one who is doing the
root canal. no choice. payments with care credit that doesn't
accrue interest the first six months. what happened to the first

many of you are or will lose your homes. maybe your jobs.
it is so much more fun to always have enough. well, Jehovah
Jireh, our Provider, only asks that we keep our eyes on Him.
never ever ever give up. always know God makes a way
through for us somehow. i love you and am in the battle, too.
let's pray for strength to live out for our children the simple
truth that Jesus will ALWAYS be enough. ann


  1. In my centering prayer this evening,I will take you with me to the center and the three of us will pray together.

    A few posts ago, your "never give up" kept me going and brought tears.You are not alone....God bless....

  2. Ann,

    First, I want you to know how much your life has meant to me. I saw you years ago at Jesus Rocky Mountain. I had just become a Christian and God spoke through you.

    God is teaching me so many wonderful things about His grace and how His desire is for us to allow Him to live through us.

    I, too, am going through many difficulties. Finances are small, but God is so big. He amazes me every month in how much He loves me and my family. He takes care of me.

    I know God is with you. He is the only One who will see us through.


  3. Ann: I remember reading your first two books and the simple but real faith you had. Today, after all you've been through, your faith is no longer simple, but it sure is real. I am a Lutheran pastor (60 years old) and it feels great to read your words and see you are still sharing your faith. As the kids would say, "You are the real deal!" And so is (y)our Jesus! God Bless you- you will be in my prayers.
    (Pastor) RobertBlohm

  4. realising even more lately that this journey of faith is just that~one where we often "live the questions" until we come into the presence of God and they vanish away, in the light of Him.
    i love your faith-you inspire me. and i also love to run!!! :)

  5. Kate Garnhart BurkayMarch 10, 2012 at 8:08 AM

    I didn't even qualify for care when I needed dental work, so the dentist just kept gluing my crowns (yes, the front ones) back in for free. Thank God I went back to work on Jan 3, and now I have coverage and a "permanent" fix on those front teeth!