Saturday, December 8

a new day.
the day my collaborator flies
in for five/six days to work on
this new book.

i feel utterly inept. incapable.
broken. yet, i've been in this worship
mode that is nothing i have ever
experienced before. hungry for Jesus.
bowing down. 10,000 reasons cd.

"higher than we ever could imagine...
closer than our eyes can ever see.
You are magnificent!!!!"

reading this morning...
"for when i am weak, then i am strong."
ll cor. 12

please pray for tracey, jan and me
these few days. that we won't be
afraid or troubled. that our arteries
and blood flow will open us. truth
that is buried will begin to unfold.
and Jesus will be lifted up.

colson calls me on his two-walks to
work. so positive. loves his job.
his apt. living close to brock.

remember: "let not your heart
be troubled."

i don't succeed at this always, either.
but keep marching forward. i'm with
you. reading all your words of life for
me. because God is a mighty Force.
always..always on our behalf.

God has His plans for us.
may the rhythm of His love
wash us day after day.
forever your running partner!

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  1. I'm praying for your book Ann! I know that it will come through. Jesus will give you the right things to say. All of HIM and none of us! I can't wait to read it! How did it go with that lady you helped out the other day? Yes! You're right.. we are weak but HE is strong! Let the river flow...........