Thursday, December 6

colson called
after 2 a.m. yesterday morning.

"mom, you sound so clear. so awake."
"oh, darling...i want to! you are my
son, and i'm on call 24/7 with my

suddenly, fear began to creep in.
"colson, what's up, doll?"

"i've been so sick, mom. i can't breathe
if i'm lying dowm. and i'm worried.
i've been promoted to a managerial
position, and missed two days work.
pray, mom, pray. the darkness, i began to cry out
to Jesus. the One who saves us and
makes all the difference.
it is a beautiful gift to pray for our children.

hold the hand of Jesus today.
don't look at seeming impossibilities.
the crush of Christmss.
the less than adequate funds.

"magnificent... He is higher than
we ever can imagine. closer than our
eyes can ever see..."

i love you all.
today, find joy and trust!!

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  1. I'm praying for Colson! I choose to lean on HIM and trust HIM today! Love you too Ann~:)