Wednesday, December 26

after all the hoopla
and packed malls and
office Christmas parties. after
all the noise and ruckus, the world
is quiet. every shop closed. all the lights
turned off. most cars parked and people
in bed. waiting....

for children rolling out of bed
and racing in to drag one and all
to the Christmas tree and all the surprises
awaiting them.

3 a.m. Christmas morning.
finally, we can see Jesus. and hear Him.
ALL fades, but HIM.

in Him, and Him, alone,
we put our trust. disease ravaging
those we love. addictions trying to eat
away our earnest reserve to be pure. death
and rebellion stirring the pot in many homes.

in Him, and Him, alone.
He holds our hope. our healing. our attempts at
faithfulness, somehow, amidst the battles, we hold
on to Him with all our hearts and love and devotion.

oh, lead us to the Rock that is higher than we are.
every time. every time. because in Him, alone, He holds our hope.


  1. Ann: from what I have read by those who have researched the topic, Jesus was not even born on Dec. 25; this is just a tradition. and he was probably a toddler when the wisemen arrived in Bethlehem. I told this to a grocery store checker the other night and it was not exactly appreciated!!! you ruin people's holiday that way!!! I don't have any family and did not even decorate this year. but at one point, thinking about the Lord and what He did for me at Calvary, I cried. AND, I have never in over 40 yrs. of being saved, cried over this fact. I think the Lord touched me in this year of my "non-commercialism". all around I see decorations put up, things being sold, etc. that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the birth of Christ. absolutely nothing. the day is merely an excuse to buy presents to give each other.

  2. That Psalm verse (lead me to the rock...) is one of my favorites.