Monday, December 17

sunday evening.
my grandbaby with his fly-away
ringlets and beautiful little face came
to see me. his beautiful mother, my
daughter-in-law, and her cousin,
joined me for church.

a difficult service as we thought of
connecticut, and the children and
adults who lost their lives so tragically.

but i will never question a beautiful,
loving God Who can take the ugly
and ravaged darkness of this world.
and still, somehow, have mercy on
the sick and sinner...and raise, in
time, beauty.

"to know the love of Christ..that you,
being rooted and grounded in love,
may be able to comprehend..what is
the width and length and depth and
height...that you may be filled with
all the fullness of God."

there is s giant hole in our hearts.
but may Jesus
fill it with love and connection and

i love your comments on my blog
and facebook. i just so love you.
may the brilliant Star Who shines on us
never lose it's power in the world.


  1. beautifully written ann! Peace today...

  2. The Light has come into the world and no darkness can overcome it...ever...thank you for your writing today.

  3. Well said, Ann. Well said. Love and prayers.