Wednesday, December 5

i'm sitting with a desperate woman.
fresh out of jail and a nervous breakdown.
pacing. then burying her
head in my lap. sobbing. her 17 yr. old daughter
has cancer of her brain and is terrified she won't have time
before she dies ...with her mother.
her car was impounded. her purse
with photo i.d. stolen. phone.
scared to be alone.

we will worry about car tomorrow.
today, at walmart,
we buy her a phone. Oh...
friendship takes work. and fleecy,
warm pajamas and underwear and
a sweater. i grab a magazine aand
candy bar for her.

continual tears in her eyes.
a hug. i kiss her face. pray with her...
and say 'goodnight'.

"He's our God...shining like the sun...
faithful to the end..." be looking
for the broken. this is the season they
are easiest to spot. Jesus paid it all.
for you. for them.


  1. I have actually been praying that God would bring the "broken" to me in a very defining way this week! Love this post Ann!

  2. I will be praying for her Ann! God sent you her way and HE knew just what she needed. God bless you and her......