Monday, December 24

today is Christmas eve.
people madly rushing everywhere.
frazzled. hurried. overwhelmed.
everyone 'under the gun' but Jesus.

no effort. no anxiety. no stooped shoulders.
Jesus came, and the world hushed, and hope
was born. untarnished promises that inspite of all
our burdens and pain and loved ones' struggles,
Jesus is here to dress the skies with music.
to cleanse us from our brokenness and sin....
and to never, ever fail us. even when it looks

i am in dallas with brock and colson and taylor.
we so miss having brandt...and jasmine and colben
are with her family. BUT WE ARE TOGETHER!!!
happy. happy. happy. a gift from a friend of mine.
i know i'm partial, but my sons are so sweet to me.
and so caught by the joy of us being together. every
single minute counts. we are watching every penny.
trying to be so careful.

"i wonder as i wander out under the sky...
how mary birthed Jesus and came forth to die....."

so sorry about no blogs.
you probably wouldn't believe all the struggles
i've been through, and everything fell apart.
but i expect at least five new blogs every week. at least.
and your continual comments and love pour into my hair and
skull and soul and fingers and out my fingers and toes until i
dance. and sway. tears running down my face. so grateful
for love. so very grateful.


  1. Hi Ann! I'm so glad you get to spend time with family in Dallas. I hope you have a wonderful time at Christmas and yes, we have missed you!I had asked you to pray for a strained relationship between me and my son and he send me a message on facebook and i just feel soo much better. Thx for praying for all of us. Love you and appreciate all you do for us. Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year!

  2. Peace is what He brings and what you bring.If the book fell apart,that is a loss but your words will be here with us.You grace your family by being there and they are God's perfect gifts to you.Merry Christmas...

  3. I too am glad you are with your sons. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a blessed new year.