Saturday, December 29

Christmas eve.
the boys working but taylor and me.
headed to the mall.
just hanging out.
taylor waited while I ran into the bathroom
...and there, a tiny, hispanic woman
continuing to clean after every used

I ran out.
"taylor, do u have cash?
I need a 20.
will be right back."

heading back into women's restroom,
I place the money in the
little lady's hand.
kissed her cheek...
and sang,
"God loves you and I love you
and that's the way it should be."

"thank you. Jesus loves you....and
so do I." with tears in her eyes,
she thanked me.

that beautiful old hymn...
"He lives..He lives. Christ Jesus
lives today. He walks with me
and talks with me along the
narrow way..He lives...salvation
to impart.."

bless you all!
thank you so for kind words and
gifts.I pray you can see my blue
eyes shining on you. feel my warm
hand in yours. know your kind
words to taylor meant so much to him.

we are in Sacramento another day
or two before we both head to where we live.

great to be with tom and jan

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  1. I read this and it brought tears to my eyes as I remember meeting you as a young woman who had just written her first book and that book impacted my life on so many levels. Then to become your friend and have you stay with us in Panama and learn so much from you. It brings me so much JOY to read this and see that God is still using you in ordinary ways to touch ordinary lives. That is my goal too and this is a great way to start the Lord's Day here in DC. God Bless you Ann!
    Barb Willey