Monday, December 3

yesterday, i met a long-time friend.
winding up a hill to find a cozy, private
hotel. she had flown in from cross-country..the south.
brunch and then to our room where i donned p.j.'s...
and we each crawled on our beds.

wrapped in pillows and comforters,
facing each other, we began to talk about all the holes we'd fallen in....
and all the patient ways God had to con-
tinually pull us out. we peeled off all
the layers. strip by strip.

two, professional, God-fearing women
with lives of accomplishment and shame and brokenness.
the rain was coming down in sheets. torrential.

at 5:30 p.m....she had arranged for us
to have massages. i hadn't had a massage in 12 yrs.
special. back to our room.
room service salad and a creme brulee to share.

what a beautiful surprise for me.
i could not have afforded to do that.
this season, let's expect God, the Savior of the world,
for miracles. moments with friends. a cup of tea.
heart-sharing vulnerability.

Christmas is all about grace and
being together. let's forget the rest
of the fuss, and hug and laugh and
unveil hidden pieces to those we
trust. i thought of all of u while holly
and i were together. praying for some
of these beautiful moments, too.

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