Tuesday, January 7

i am still in awe
that a new year has arrived.
except for a few days, the slate
is still untouched. unmarred.
clean and smooth and shining  
like marble. my messy, clumsy, 
pigeon-toed cracks of fear and
imperfection have not yet been
smeared in ways that cast
shadows over the glistening
wonder of Jesus.

it's the way He gathers us.
wraps us in His  joy.
promises to never belittle us.
we are His artwork. Jesus
thinks we're magnificent. even
the straw and rubble of life that
expose our fears and shortcomings.   
He says His glory
is most revealed in our weaknesses.

don't be afraid or downhearted
today. don't let shame wrap
itself around you. let's stare
fear in the face. and run to the
Waters.....of His love.

i'm scared with this detox
process. really fearful. but i
want it behind me. to be my

for Him.
always, only, all
for His glory.


  1. Dear Ann,
    I have been a kindred spirit since 1977. I have run ten marathons, had four kids, and followed Jesus alongside you and your journey. I have just completed a year plus of cancer treatments, and will now undergo scans for a few years. I am praying for you that your joy will overflow and Gods loving care for you will be evident. Many blessing upon you as you seek to be healthy. with much love and respect, Shannon

  2. Praying for you--and so thankful that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Now praying God will hold you close!!

  3. Lord, we lift up Ann to your healing throne of grace. You are the Great Physician, all wise and powerful and compassionate. Embrace Ann and hover over her with your abiding love and grace. Bring healing and songs in the night for your glory. Amen.