Saturday, January 4

i love to pray.
"oh, Jesus, i need to talk something over with You...."

it feels so simple. God.and i.
all alone. the first thought i
have is just pure gratitude.

"i'm so grateful You've
got the day covered. Jesus,
so much can happen that i'm not
prepared for. Lord, keep us
bound  together. may nothing,
great or small, remove the beauty 
and tender shoots of boundless
love that help us laugh and 
giggle...and forgive without remorse.

reaches into the glorious
and magnificent heart of God. where
NO compromise or breakdowns
can breathe or know life.

every year,
i vow to do better in my prayer life,
and the older i get, the easier,
more clearly i understand how
important and powerful it is.

teach us to 
pray. to really pray.


  1. Amen! I am agreeing with that prayer! I'm happy to read through a few posts about sweet times with your boys & purple uggs. God is so good to balance our sorrows with joys! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Yes, powerful, needed and important. Prayer is not only talking to Abba but listening to Him as well.