Saturday, January 11

i love this old hymn...

"my faith looks up to Thee.
Thou Lamb of Calvary.
Savior divine.
Lord, hear me while I pray.
take all my guilt away..
oh! may i from this day be
wholly Thine." old hymn

oh...Jesus, yes.
completely Yours.
stacking the bricks
of worship and adoration.
uncompromised, untarnished.
i can hear the music now.
can you?

i ran by veronica's.
the korean dry cleaners.
in a warm, gap shirt.
arms flung around each other.
as i leave, she stands out on the curb.  
blowing kisses...until
my car is out of sight.

" oh, isn't the love of Jesus
something wonderful...wonderful....
wonderful He is to me..."

colson is getting a transfer
to walmart's next week from
texas to here in lodi where i live.
has anyone discovered the
grand-all that makes raising children
a snap in the dark? hmmnm.

i enter a rehab place this
week. i am so excited. putting last
year behind me. feet hurt, but i don't care anymore.  
back to freedom and deliverance: 
to strength and health. i long for
your prayers. not sure what my
insurance will cover, but i have some.

tomorrow, we raise our hearts to
the glorious King of Kings. the sun
rises, glistening the damp earth
of the holy day. may His grace
fill us all. wooing us into the 
Presence of God's beauty and


  1. oh Ann....i am sooooo glad that Colson is going to be near you! That warms my heart. I will be praying for you in Rehab and i know you will be ok. You have the God of the universe watching out for you! I believe our God is a God of miracles and i am also excited for you and what is coming in your future. Be blessed. love you......................

  2. So glad God has made a way for you....may his Provision be more more than enough for the process that lays ahead for you! May you rest in his Grace!