Thursday, January 9

i wonder who created gummy
bears? the most dangerously
alluring candy. haribo brand or
nothing. i see a bag on the
shelf in the grocery store, and
i tell you the truth, it teases my
appetite until i HAVE to buy
some. like 6 or 7 bags. an anxiety.
an urging.

"Jesus, I want to be that passionate
about you. oh, that i might  hunger
and thirst for you. that i might
search the aisles...the highways
and paths for what i love....more
of your presence."

hope lives.
my insurance covers
rehab. a miracle....but one
foot needs correction. please

you know the story in the Bible?
the harlot who comes to where
Jesus is having. dinner....with the
rich and the haughty. sinners.
the door opens. in walks the un-intimidated harlot.

she goes straight to Jesus.
her tears washing His feet. her
long hair drying them. she poured
very expensive perfume on them.
a far more extravagant gesture
of love than the robes and food and  
cajoling. her gifts, all she had,
far more magnificent than all else.
Jesus counted her sins for

let's come to Jesus.
give Him our sins.
wash our tears at His feet.
let's yearn for more of Him.
may we long for Him as we
never have before. everything else
will fall into place.

i treasure each of your posts
so, so grateful for those who
contribute financially. it means
everything! i love you!


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  1. I went on a retreat and the leader brought some books that you wrote and I read them and loved them so much. Your attitude towards others and life and God has inspired me so much!!! :D Thank you!