Wednesday, January 22

this is ann.
coming from the front lines
of drug rehab .

nothing since i came.
finally drew my blood.
said i am severely dehydrated.
could give me ibuprofen.

i refuse to panic.
to have terror shoot from my
eyes. to succumb to all the
what ifs.

every time i open my eyes,
there's a nurse peeking around
the corner. staring.  

"your hair..the braid around
your's beautiful."

lovely words are like
medicine. i smile. but the doctor
hasn't been here yet. there is
utterly excruciating pain behind
my rib cage.  

and the nurses smile.
and the patients holler.
and the doctor arrived.
an i.v. in place. my bladder
packed with fluid. but....
my heart is quiet. i won't
be afraid.

fresh potted flowers.
and i expect Jesus to see
me through to the end.
no more enslavement.
only deliverance and freedom.
sweet, sweet journey.

tomorrow will be continued.
thank you for your prayers.
oh..beautiful comrades.

happy birthday to my
nephew, tre.

we will meet again.


  1. I know God has GOOD plans for you...a future and a hope! (Jer 29:11) You are in my prayers Ann. I pray He will wrap you in his love and peace!

  2. Hold fast Ann! There are angels all around you!

  3. I wish I could take your to you today......

  4. May God give you the same peace and joy that your books gave to a new Christian so many years ago.

  5. Praying, sweet Ann, and confident Jesus is there with you every step.

  6. I am so praying for you!
    And I agree, the braid around your face is beautiful :)

  7. I am so praying for you!!

    (P.S. the braid around your face IS very beautiful) :)