Thursday, January 23

detox is hell.
you have to really want it.
have to believe it's your
only option. long for freedom
and deliverance

my blood tests taken...
in any detox situation..
revealed some concerns of
the hospitalist. not the detox
doctor. after a cat scan, they
discovered i have multiple blood
clots in my lungs, and something
attached to my heart.

i had developed terrible pain behind my ribs.
now i have been moved to
heart floor. please understand
i'm too ill to say more.

i know you are praying.
a miracle i was here...and
found this. God's faithful care.
very hard to be in detox
and so ill in my body.

Jesus keeps leading me all
the way. and you. this
Race is His to lead us on.


  1. Lord, have mercy. It is good indeed that this was found! Prayers for you dear Ann.

  2. Praying.
    STAY STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I know all caps are difficult to read but in a "blood clots in the lungs" situation, all caps emphasize those words most effectively.)

  3. Praying, praying for your full recovery in all areas of your life & body.

  4. Be still,




    I am God

    Psalm 46:10

  5. Praying for you dear Ann...wisdom for your doctors, healing for your body...may the Great Physician give you comfort, peace and healing! Love you so!

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are an inspiration of faith!

  7. Here is a song about healing that I sing to myself whenever my soul or body needs healing...I thought perhaps you might like it:
    I'm praying for you :) I love you Ann

  8. Ann, I knew things were serious, thus has taken a turn. I love you and will pray for you. with God by your side things will be as he sees. stay strong in faith know you are loved tremendously and you will be consistently in my prayers. if you need me just call and I will be there. you are an inspiring woman whom I know will have all the faith in God to pull you through. I love you Ann...