Sunday, January 19

in 48 hours, i will be
walking through the doors
to begin rehab. my clothes and necessities and
Bible are packed. ready to load.

health care today is an entirely
different fork in the road. there
we stood:  my sponsor, adela. the
initial intake guy...and the very
top facilitator re: who will be
accepted into the rehabilitation
program, and financially, reliable
enough to enroll.

four of us.
and Jesus.
the pin-point center
of my soul was as quiet
and still as fog that has suddenly
rolled in, and the possibility of
my acceptance looked dismal.

as if i was jumping out of an
airplane 10,000 feet up. if Jesus
didn't catch me, i would splatter
dead center at the bottom of the
grand canyon.

or, God could swoop His massive
arms under me, and save me.

"16 years ago," i began to share, "i
promised Jesus
that if He would deliver me
from my addictions, there was
nothing i wouldn't do for Him
the rest of my life. addictions to
performance and praise were
at the top of my list; pain pills
followed. Jesus kept His end of
the bargain. so did i. until.....

"after almost a year, and four
major surgeries on my feet,
and wild, crazy pain, i have
once again found myself
starving for freedom. pleading
for the sweet taste of deliverance
again. there is almost nothing
worse than being enslaved.
nothing. "

suddenly....almost sounded..
almost if a robe was blowing
in the wind, we all sensed someone
had entered the room. i saw
that the one who carried the
power among us, grabbed tissues,
and began blowing her nose. then,
we all had  tissue. we all began to

"ann, it has come to me that
if you could pay the half up front,
$3,850.00, and the rest at the
end of 30 days, we'd make you
the exception. and continue to
get medicare, and your supplement insurance to pay their part."


i have enough savings for the
first half. and God's arm is never
too short. it will take all i have,
but Jesus poured out all He had.

when Jesus enters a  room,
and no one can deny it,
"who am i that i should
choose my way? the LORD
shall choose for me.
tis better far i let
HIM bid me go or stay."

i plan to blog to you
every day. i long for your
prayers. a journey i can only
make if Jesus runs this course...
and sustains me. for each of us
entrapped in addiction, it takes
a Power greater than ourselves
to be set free.

unhinge the gates.
make the path smooth.
running from glory to glory.
flow, River, flow.

thank you.
thank you so.....for every
post of encouragement.
for every dollar given.
please forgive me for not
being better at showing
gratitude. for now, please
just know.



  1. I know the what God starts, no one can tear apart! we love you.................continuously praying for you..................

  2. You are loved. Praying for you dear sister in Christ.

  3. Ann, I am praying for your healing. You touched my life in deep, deep ways many years ago. Now, it is my turn to reach out and touch you.

  4. Knowing God will surprise you with the provenance of the other half!! THose of us who live desperate for Him and for his help know that He DOES show up and the deliverance comes from unexpected and often mind-blowing sources. My thoughts and prayers go with you as you enter into this labor process. Praying He will send the right mid-wives to help you through it. Knowing His strength will be enough! Hugs!

  5. I feel that we are friends.Now, a friend is in rehab and I await news from her what she will learn and when she feels His love.You are the reporter for God's messages and I love you.

  6. I will pray right now so I don't forget!!!
    Dear God, thank You so much for Ann Kiemel! Please help her now Father in this time of need. God I believe You are a God of healing so I ask that you will quicken her healing in Jesus' name! I pray that all the pain in her feet will go away and thank You, for her feet Father, for Your Word says that Beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news. :D Like she does to everyone around her whenever she has the chance. Thank You. Please gently heal her feet and give all the rehab people wisdom to know how to deal with her feet. Please keep her company Holy Spirit as she stays in the rehab center for a little. Fill up her room with your healing presence :D And that everyone who walks in there will feel it and feel your love for them and her and for the world. Thank You Father :D You have a purpose for everything, even for her feet to be like this and I pray you will work everything out for good (Romans 8:28). I know You will :) Because You promised. Please bless Ann Kiemel in a special way this week :D You are the God who heals and provides!! In Jesus' name we pray, Amen :D

  7. Praying for your wholeness and for quiet and peace to mend your broken places, and even your feet. This is not about performing, but about resting in His mighty love. He love you and wants to set you free. The work has been done, rest in his gentle grace. With much hope, Amen