Wednesday, January 15

jan and i
have had a dark day.
sobbed. laughed. thought
of all we're both facing.
of all we are and aren't...

jan's numbers are up on her
cancer. the rehab. takes me
off everything. literally everything.
my insurance is an issue. trying
to resolve dollars and cents.

colson is home, and i'm thrilled..
but we're talking about a place
two hours away. for me, it's
all or nothing. i'm running
to Jesus. arms spread wide.
tears streaming down my

as a giant redwood,
piercing the sky. as mountain
peaks, jagged and splitting the millions of snowy,
shattering earth particles,
crushing the sun blasts through
the is the
begging, yearning of my soul.

"make a way, Jesus.
make a way..."

we all have work to do.  
and splitting of self introspection.....
and all of God we can grab ahold of...

sing, choirs.
walk and run
and carry your
weapons of loss and failure.
we will see you in the
morning. in the morning.


  1. I am thanking God that you have each other.....

  2. Nice word from the Lord at wingsofprophecy blogspot. Check it out. It ministered to me this morning.