Tuesday, March 27

adoption can be so beautiful and special.

things that everyone should know about adoption:

1.  every child deserves to know where each one has come from.

2.  no birth mother ever gives her baby away without  the purest,
almost divine sense of love; that her baby deserves something better.
such a difficult path.  when the young woman is at her weakest
emotionally and physically. 

3.  couples who pray and try every avenue for a baby (and it is NOT
easy to get a newborn today!) should clearly understand what the
gift of a baby really means.   they should be as selflless in their love
of the birth mother as she was when she handed over the priceless
gift of life.  adoptive couples tend to be afraid. that their child will
want to go back to his/her birth mother.  NOT TRUE.   that if they send
pictures of the baby, they shouldn't be the really beautiful ones
because, for sure, the birth mother will rush in and demand the
baby back.  NOT true.  it will make the birth mother so proud.

4.  taylor's partner in this project is in college, adopted, and still doesn't
have any idea where her birth parents are.  she has been interviewing
other students who have no knowledge, either,  alot of homes make it a
silent part of any communication.  why should anything so beautiful and
priceless be like a big secret?  i'm talking about thousands and thousands
of people in the world  who long to just ask normal questions  about their
birth families. 

5.  i tried to express to each of my  sons the pieces of their birth mothers
that i saw in them from their earliest years.

"brock, you laugh just like cathie, your birth mom! i love her for
giving you to me to be your mommy!"

"brandt, your eyes shine just like beth's.  i look at you and see her!
 isn't that fun?!"

"colson, you have the same, exact, facial features as sandy.  i can see
her look at me or you, and you at her...or someone else..and i can't BELIEVE
that all your expressions are so alike.  i just love that, colson."
"taylor, you have auburn hair just like robin.  and i've never met a red-head
 that isn't really smart.  i know robin and you are.  aunt jan says she's never
seen a 2 yr.old who colors inside all the lines like you did!"

 adoption can be so beautiful and special.

… more about this beauty tomorrow.

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