Thursday, March 22

jump into a shallow, cool pond
on a very hot day....and feel the
cold splash onto your arms and in your hair. 

feel the excitement of living. of looking at
the wide sky and knowing there is enough
to cover all of us.

fear not!  Jesus promises.  He is strong,
strong?! what does it mean to be strong?
to not be afraid?  to breathe against a massive
mountain, and listen to it rumble?  to kick a tree stump
and see it bend and crumble?

Jesus is our Song!
our music.  can you even hear
the choirs, with His resident roar of music
that blends in with all the others.

it comes to me that i need MORE music..
a strong Voice that disarms all my doubts.

oh, Jesus, come, come.  Jesus come!
can i rest with You, Lord?  lean into the folds
of your dusty robes? 

let go.
run from the screaming doubts.
God's arm is NEVER too short.
so i reach.  i grab.  i am saved.

i love you, Jesus.
i am Yours.
You hear me, right, God?!
that i'm YOURS!!

you got me, Lord.  everything i am
and all that i'm not.  build me.  make me
what you want me to be. i'm counting on You, Jesus.

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  1. Just now re-read you blog for today. Great words, great reminder, great encouragement! So good on every level. Thanks! Wanting to believe in His arm length. -b