Wednesday, March 28

...adoption can be so beautiful and special.

how is it that rivers chase the oceans
and the rising sun cannot be pushed back under
the horizon?  do we really understand that the color
of someone's skin means nothing about who we  are...or what our potential
is?  scrub...slather all the crazy, sick, scary conceptions we all, at times,
tend to come up with.  like birth moms don't care about their babies, and that
adoptive parents can't love the same as babies pushed out of our own wombs.

throw the stars across the skies.  breathe love so pure that the broken and
lost and sad souls will feel the very Light of Jesus as He sweeps down and
kisses away the dark corners of our hearts. until we laugh out loud. and skip and
throw balls and roll in the warm grass.

adoption can be so beautiful and special.

for will and me, it has been the BEST of everything.
taylor's birth mother was getting married four years ago.
though she has three sisters, she asked me to be her matron of honor.
all the birth mothers flew in, and in one, large house, the birth moms',
whose sons are brothers...and the four boys...and i, the adoptive  mother
laughed and ate and participated in the wedding.  hours all by ourselves.
jan was there, too.

adoption is about trust and openness and selflessness and beauty.
all of us side-by-side.  if you've been closed, adoptive parents, i challenge
you to tear away the fear and push the borders back. and let the rest of
the family in. push the windows up.  let love blow in.  seek and search, if you must,
to help find the birth moms.  let all terror fall away.

adoption can be so beautiful and special.

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  1. I am single, preparing to graduate from college, and clearly not in the place to have children. But, your blogs on open adoption have made me think about it some, and now I wonder if adoption could be in my future (foster parenting, as well).