Friday, March 16

a funny story that I told my sister jan ...

i was at karen's house,
taking care of her golden retriever while
she was going to be gone for the week-end.

at some point, my youngest son and his wife wanted
to get away, and wondered if i would keep their baby
(he walks on water at 13 casually
asked if i would keep junior, their still quite young pit
bull. after all, he would have a playmate with casey,
the mild, calm golden retriever.

well, karen was kind enough to say, "sure".
not having any idea of junior's disposition.
but i did, and doubts filled my mind.

the door bell rang, and opening the door,
there stood brandt and jasmine and colben....with junior.

junior bounded in, slipping and sliding on all fours across
an all-wood floor with no traction, and instinctually flew
between our legs and headed right to casey's food bowl.
we just stood there horrified.

jan, you would have been so embarrassed.
junior proceeded to enhale an entire bowl of the golden
retriever's food for the day. our mouths were gaping open,
trying to process all this. he turned, suddenly, and regurgitated
the entire meal, and went outside and pooped right out side the
door on the patio.

we were horrified.
it was not our home.
karen hadn't even met my youngest son before.
and he and jasmine were grabbing rags and paper towels,
rushing in trying to clean up the mess.
needless to say, junior is not invited back to my house or
karen's or anyone else's.

jan, sometimes this is how we live life, don't you think?
slipping and sliding and completely out-of-cpntrol.

my sister and i sat and laughed and laughed.
this is kind of a picture of life, jan said.
no self-control. no regard for the damage we've left
behind. we all, at times, get ahead of God. and leave
a trail of catastrophe without apologizing or even knowing
the damage we've done.

slow down.
let God calm our pace,
and be in control instead of us.


  1. Ann

    I have never read a post or a book that you wrote that did not touch me......I have every book...and would never part with them....Will there ever be another one?


  2. Great story as I struggle to let God have control and keep it...I seem to always take it back....sigh...someday I'll learn. barbara

  3. What a great metaphor! And so, so, so true. I am way too much like Junior…

  4. Hi Ann ~ coming over from Kansas Bob.... I love the looks of your blog, and so enjoyed your story...after I stopped laughing, I was touch with just how much truth is in that reality of our lives.

    I've been taking a break from blogging to focus on Holy Week and Easter, but Bob commented on the daily prayer blog, and mentioned came by to visit. I will be back.

  5. I love your new blog Ann. I have read so many of your books over the years and been blessed by so many things you have shared, and by how open and honest you have been. It's as though we can read your heart. I have used many quotes from you, and truly they have been woven into my life and become a part of my own life message. Without even looking them up I could quote several of them in this post, but suffice it to say that I thank you for so many liberating truths! One of my favorite books was "Yes," so thank you for your Yesness Ann! Blessings and love to you! Jo