Thursday, November 15

home again. and every morning calls
me to rise to higher places. to love
even more. be more quiet and listen
more earnestly. hold the hand of God,
and take Him everywhere. introducing
His magnificance to all the pleading
and lost and dying.

awards are rewarding, but doing
the Master's business is the essence
of our missions in the world. it is the
thrill above all !

So..i treasure the blessings..and all your faithful
love and prayers, but most of all, Jesus is the Hero and
Star. and we must be about God's
Business. oh, Jesus, keep our hearts
close to the very end.

"amazing can it be?
that thou my God should die for me?"

He did, and we owe him..
here we are. ready for His service.
yes, Lord. Send us! Yes...


  1. good morning Ann!i hope your day is filled with wonderful thngs today and that the Lord will bring someone into your life that you will be able to share Jesus with. Be blessed in all you do today...............