Friday, November 9

i am in nampa, idaho, where i am to
glorify Jesus for putting His hand on
my writing. because it really IS all
about Him! an award for Jesus.

i have a bruise on my cheek. i hope
i don't fall on my face in my beautiful,
new high heels. and it is going to
be a very cold day.

please pray...and thank all of you who
have told me you already are. and
especially remember my new friend
on the airplane. i told her Jesus has
led me all the way. that He is everything.
may He touch her pain and her dreams too.

"are you weary? are you heavy-laden?
tell it to Jesus...tell it to've
no other such a friend or brother. tell
it to Jesus alone.."


  1. Amen! I will contine to pray for you

  2. Praying with you Ann for your day. You helped me make it through junior and senior high. I always said "It's YOU and me God." Thank you. I will pray that lives are moved on HIS behalf today.