Tuesday, November 13

the week-end is over.
the glorious crush of loving
people who literally enfolded

made my spine straighter.
my chin tipped up, just slightly.
my heart quiet and filled with joy...
and my eyes glistening.

"how can it be that Thou.
my God...
didst die for me?
amazing Love..
how can it be, that Thou.
my God...
didst die for me?"!!!!!

nagging sore throat.
flight leaves for home
at noon. back to reality.
alone. business to take care
of. my meetings. checking
on jan. everyone wanted to
know how jan is. it thrilled me.

thank you all for your prayers.
support. faithful love. how i
treasure you!

"o, man, what is good; and what
does the Lord require of you but
to do justly, to love mercy, and to
walk humbly with your God?" micah 6

so Jesus has handed us our
assignment for this week. i
genuinely pray for each of you.
especially where you are hurting.
with vast love.....ann


  1. Praying for you, too. Ann. Congratulations for your recognition in Idaho.

    Take some Airborne, and have a calm flight and a teriffic visit with Jan.

    You are loved!!

    Chaplain Shari

  2. I let my 13 yr old son listen to one of the clips and here and he absolutely loved you! He is acting alittle bit bettr with his teenage attitude so thanks for praying. stay safe and drink lots of fluids and make some homemade chicken soup. :)

  3. Hi Ann,

    It's Bryan in Dallas - (hope you know who I am - you came to my school & spoke to my teachers two years ago.)

    I was thrilled to read about the recognition & honor you received on behalf of the ONE who works & ministers through you! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    I'm so glad! What a shot in the arm!

    Please pray for me. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on my right kidney. I'm going to have a partial nephrectomy in a few weeks where they will remove at least 25% of my kidney or possibly have to take the whole thing. This is all new territory for me so I don't know what to expect but I truly have a positive attitude about it & am COUNTING IT ALL JOY!

    The dr. said most tumors on the kidney are on the OUTSIDE (making them easier to remove) but mine is on the INSIDE which makes it more difficult to get to.
    My sweet brother, Kyle (whom you liked) offered to give me one of his kidneys & I was like, "Bro, I don't want YOUR kidney!" Ha! Just have to keep smiling through it.

    I just wanted to make you aware so you could lift me up-Like you, I so believe in the power of prayer! I will get through this.

    Congrats on your new car! God is blessing you in many many ways & you have a loyal fan base!

    Much much love,