Friday, November 2

Tomorrow, i will be back at panera's
with a computer. yehhhhh! but i have
been reading all your comments
daily..and they feed me like ice cream
on a hot day. thank you all.

and have i mentioned how much i
love my car?!! and how touched i am
every time i open the door?!!! Oh, i am
so grateful for everyone who has so
helped me in so many, sacrificial ways.
every dollar pushes a soft chord in
me. tenderness. i'm a warrior with an

12-step study tonight. i always go with
my heart shaking just a little. have to
lay my negative stuff on the table.
pull the raw places out. expose them
even as the others do. we are step-
sisters for life.

today...have you mentioned the Lord's
name to someone? reminded the
world that Jesus really loves them?
and remember, Jesus forgives us
every day. we just have to ask Him
to help us forgive ourselves.

i love you all!


  1. Hi came across my mind about an hour ago. Wow, so cool. I am so glad you love your car!:) I wasn't able to send anything for your car,(except prayer) but i am going to try to this month. (Hey, you still have to have gas, etc. ) right? Anyway, yes, i did talk to someone today about Jesus and my son was actually watching Touched By An Angel, which was really cool as he isn't interested in GOD these days. He's 13, but, i keep praying and lifting him up. Luckily, when i was his age i got saved and a few years later i got the opportunity to hear you in person. Love you Ann and I personally appreciate all you are and what you are doing for all of us. Have a blessed weekend!:)

  2. yes, i mentioned Jesus' name to a lady i work with,
    and we were both blessed. i was able to easily do
    this, because a sweet young man wrote me a thank
    you note and said in it, "this can only be made right
    by Jesus . . .keep praying."

    so what goes around, comes around. :)