Saturday, November 10

thank you all for your words of
love to me. implanted in my heart
to strengthen and bless me. feeding
me joy and comfort day after day.

very late.
just want you all to know that
this morning i received a medallion
from my university as a blessed
writer in its hundred-year history.
so much kindness from so many.
my friend, debby, flew in and surprised
me. staying with old friends. rich and
junella. more festivities to come.

i am just so happy i did not trip in
my heels and fall flat on my face in
front of several thousand people.

if you never receive a big honor from
someone, remember that only one
award in life really counts: being
faithful to Jesus. finishing the Race
of life. our
value is not wrapped up in being
successful in the eyes of the world....
but pleasing Jesus.

good night, fellow warriors. i am so
grateful i get to run this Race with you. i love you,
and can hear your feet hit
the pavement next to mine. through
thick and thin, we are heading for the
finish line together. the Celestial City.


  1. My hubby and I prayed for you last night as you were giving your talk! Praising God with you!
    Debbie in Idaho Falls :)

  2. Good morning Ann! I wish i could have been there to see you recieve the medallion. With your head held high to honor all Jesus has done through you. I know this has not been an easy road for you,but, you are an obedient child of the most high God and your rewards are stored up in heaven. I can't wait to read your blogs every day and i hope that in some way i can be an encouragement to you. (i knew you wouldn't trip in your heels) :) Have a blast while your there and don't get too cold. I live in reno,nv and it's decided to snow and i'm freezing and i know where you are has got to be way colder... Bless you and your faithfulness! I know that the Lord Jesus is well pleased with you. love you......

  3. So happy for you. God is good!! Love and prayers.