Monday, November 5

my daddy was a preacher.
he was known by his praying, and
his passionate belief:
"it pays to serve Jesus".

reminds me of the old hymn:
"it pays to serve Jesus...
it pays every day.
it pays every step of the way....

"though the pathway to Glory may
sometimes be drear, you'll be happy
each step of the way."

i cannot say i am happy each step,
but everything worthy and honorable
and peaceful in my life is because of
serving Jesus. and every deep hole
and every sin are washed away by His
grace. may you feel joy with the rising
sun tomorrow, and remember, Jesus


  1. Ann....

    Thanks for this post. It was an encouraging way to start my day and a new week at work. I especially loved the line "everything worthy and honorable and peaceful in my life is because of serving Jesus". Want to remember that when I'm drawn to live another way.

    With much love


  2. And it is all worth it. Your daddy was a very wise and dear man~

  3. Thanks Ann..yes, it does pay to serve Jesus, it's so hard to let go of self and try to do fix everything my own way but when we get in a position of having noone to run to or around, we run to Jesus. That's where i am now and i want it to just be me and HIM... Thanks for your inspiration and i pray that you will be inspired today as well and that the Lord will just hold you in HIS arms and just love on you......I choose today to fight the good fight of faith! Godspeed..............