Monday, November 12

very cold in idaho.
awakened with sore throat.
but college class reunion and big
concert tonight. hard to maneuver
me through the crowds. arms reaching
out to me from every direction.
most that i did not recognize, but hands of
love grabbing onto me. thanking me
for my books. my belief in God's love.

young and old. precious words. my
eyes moistened by such love. a kiss
on someone's cheek. squeezing another's hand.

my passion to share Jesus stretching
farther and farther. why so many live
in shame...and bound.
earnest confession equals instant forgiveness.

people in the park. in sanctuaries. in
houses next door and across the street.
yearning for peace. deliverance.

"who will go for Me? Lord, send me."
isaiah 6

waiting, Jesus.
listening. on call for You. our Lord.
i fall down. face buried in carpet.
i want to set the captives free. we
need a big army. warriors. pull on your
boots. fill the water jugs. the rest is
His glory in us.

too late.
good-night, glorious partners.
let us NOT lose heart..i love u!!!

1 comment:

  1. I think was the greatest experience for you, that though sometimes you may not see yourself worthy, Jesus sees you worthy because of who he is and who u are because HE lives in you. Have a safe trip home and i'm praying that God puts just the right people in your path and on the plane for you to share Jesus with. I know HE will. You are fighting the good fight.. you continue to run the race set before you..spiritually and mentally and physically... Bless you Ann...........