Tuesday, November 6

Yes, my daddy's tombstone has only
these words: "it pays to serve Jesus".

as a little girl, hair pulled back in
a ponytail, i would say:
"daddy, why does Jesus pay? the
kids at school make fun of jan and
me. we're foreigners."

and my father would say,
"give God time."

"daddy," we'd say, a year later,
"no island boys like us. we are tall
and skinny and white and blue-eyed.
we are the minority and lonely."

"oh darling, sometimes it takes
years for God's true blessings and
rewards to begin being unveiled. "

many afternoons, after school, jan and
i would go next door to the church
altar. and weep and sing that old
chorus, "i know the Lord will make
a way for me...i know the Lord
will make a way for me.....if i live
a holy life. shun the wrong and do
the right, i know the Lord will make
a way for me."

my daddy had it down just right.
Jesus DOES pay. He kept me low
to one day raise me up. and in a way
that i would always remember it was
Him, and none of me.


  1. What your daddy said has ALWAYS stayed with me, from the first time I heard you speak in 1979. His words have made such a difference, time and time again in my life. So even though I never met him or got to hear him speak, I feel like a little of your daddy lives on in me.

  2. It pays to serve Jesus is one of the main things I always remember from your books. Your daddy was a wise man.

  3. I too have always remembered your daddy's words. I read and reread your books years ago and love the way you talked about your family.