Monday, November 19

my dear friend Rob Moritz dramatizes the messages of the Apostle Paul in costume in the very locations where Paul ministered. Rome, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus and more. he has invited me to be a tour host on his next trip Retracing the Steps of Paul, from May 26th - June 5th, 2013. i'm excited about how inspiring it will be to visit all these amazing places. can you come with me?

for more information on the trip, go to

i would love to have you join us.
with warmest love, ann


  1. Oh Ann...I would love so much to go with you. Pray that i will somehow get the money to go. That would be so awesome! I hope you're feeling better! Be blessed :)

  2. I wish! There is always more month than money for us--change goes for gas for the car.
    However, I'm excited for you and pray you have a wonderful and blessed time. I' hope you'll take pictures to share with us.