Monday, November 18

"and Jesus said...
come to the water.
stand by My side.
I know you are thirsty.
you won't be denied.
l felt every tear that
in darkness you cried.
and l'm here to remind you
that for those tears l died."

close of another Sabbath.
jan back home ten days after back
surgery and much pain.

"ann, i have to wear this ugly
body brace. my hair is awful.
my spray tan is gone except
for brown spots where i've
been washed and i.v.'s have
been put in. i can't be alone
tomorrow when tom goes to
work, but no one is allowed to
see me like this but you and tom."

my foot is almost 8 weeks
down the road from another
surgery. not better, but worse.
but i can drive with my right
leg. take extra pain medicine
with me...and try.

like Jesus.
bending over the blind.
"Lord, that i might see."

having a sick man lowered
through the roof because of
the massive crowds.
"rise up and walk."

touching the lepers.
the untouchables.
kissing a child's skinned knee.
ministering to a dying, aids'
man. smoothing his gown.
wiping his brow.
calling a dead child back to life.
Jesus was always busy
healing the sick and infirmed.

a woman with a blood issue
had only to touch the hem of His
garment. thousands pushing and
trying to get close, but the second
she touched His cloth, He knew.
God never misses anyone with
unaltering faith. the courage
to believe. to know there is NOTHING a great God can't do!
absolutely nothing.

this week,
amidst the troubles and
sorrows and wrenching, missteps of life, may we keep
our eyes open for the sick and
dying all around us. may we be
what Jesus requires of us.
may we especially remember
that almost everyone comes
to Jesus at a point of need.

i have a friend just diagnosed
with breast cancer. 36 yrs. old.
mother of six. please...pray.  
and that i'll be strong enough to
get off this couch, and nurse jan
so she'll feel no shame.

and for you,
i pray the same.
of life.

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  1. ann!!! your writing has always inspired me. your book yes! continues to be a favorite i've read over and over again~ i never tire of your stories.