Friday, November 22

i pulled out of my
driveway, heading for
the freeway to sacramento.
jan is finally home from back
surgery and i was on my way
to be with her while tom was
at work.

i live about ten miles from town.
by the side of the road,
with a big, solid rod of some
kind, stood an unshaven,
almost toothless man. heading
for the stop sign, i couldn't get the
image of him out of my mind.

what would Jesus do?
there was something wrong
with this picture, and i know
it might seem foolish, but i
felt compelled to turn my car
around, and see if God needed me
to assist Him with this
seemingly broken man.

he squinted at me through
stunning, almost-blinding
morning sun.

"hi, sir....where are you headed?"

he proceeds to tell me his car
gave out on him a couple hours
ago, and he was walking home
to get a part. that he was a
mechanic in lodi. hmmmmm.

"sir, do you know Jesus?
because He sure knows you,
and He cares about everything
that matters to you."

he vehemently shook his head
"no"!!!!! he wasn't interested.
i quietly spoke. doors locked.
my window partially down.
when i asked about the heavy
rod he was carrying. he told
me it was his walking pole.

"well, maybe you didn't notice,
but you whacked my rear view
mirror off, and i can see pieces
of it right now, around your feet.
i forgive you the way Jesus
forgives us."

pulling away,
i think of a little market,
and i swing by. buying a
bottle of 7-up...and getting
a little cash, i drive back to
the road where i'd left the broken
man, loved by God. 
i keep my distance. remain in my car....
but press the window down

as i hand him the cold drink,
and a couple bills, i begin to
sing to him.

"freely, freely
you have received...
freely, freely give. My Name, and because
you believe, others will know
that l live."

"don't forget...Jesus loves you."

not a thank you or a smile.
no gratitude or ...
"i'm sorry about your mirror."

Jesus says we are to
love our enemies and do
good to those who flunk
in kindness.
we are all runners in the RACE.
not the10k or boston marathon.
the run for eternity. and we are
to bring all we can with us.

i don't always know how to
run up the rugged hills, or how
to help others really understand
how imperative the Race is. we
are simply called to love. may
God empower each of us to run,
and by His grace, win.


  1. WOW! Ann; good for you. This man will always remember you and Jesus will draw him into the fold someday, by his grace.

  2. Lovely, Ann. Just lovely. Planting seeds.