Wednesday, November 27

three years ago,
my beautiful, brilliant, darling,
incredible grandbaby, colben,
was born. he's my first and only
grandchild, so please forgive me
if i think he's the shining sun and 
bursting stars of the galaxy.

it was november 25, 2010.
and that year was thanksgiving
day. i had just put the stuffed
turkey in the oven when brandt
called and said jasmine was in
labor. taylor was the photographer
of the event, and we were all in
the delivery room when colben 
pushed his beautiful little head
into the world.

i could never have known
that day how this baby was
going to bless my life. that the
most difficult times 
were coming, and colben was
God's kiss on my tear-stained  face
 and the garden of my soul.

neither did i know that God 
had given me the most generous,
unselfish daughter-in-law
who allowed me all the time
i needed to enjoy and love on
her baby. brandt is the fire-
fighter in the family, and now
they live by her family in
pittsburgh. i'm so happy for them,
but how i miss my little, star-kissed
baby doll.

colben william anderson.
with a head full of ringlets,
warm, honey-colored skin and
chocolate-glistening eyes.....
happy birthday, 
big boy! you color the sky
red and yellow and purple
and green..... and make
grandma laugh. oh, i treasure
you, colben. grandma loves

"Jesus loves you,
this i know...for the Bible
tells me so.
little ones to Him belong.
they are weak, but He is strong..."

yes. yes. yes.
Jesus loves you.
yes. yes. yes.
be a dreamer for Him,

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  1. Happy Birthday to your 'doll baby' and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Colben is adorable btw.