Monday, November 11

Jesus took those apprenticed
to Him. to a quiet place, He taught
His climbing companions....

Jesus, count me in.
i'm on Your team. and i quietly
sat in a shady spot as close to
my Savior as possible. let's not
worry that my car is parked
quite a distance away.

i don't feel the pain in my foot...
or the pall of heat in the air. only
that i could catch a glimpse of
Him. the love and strength of my life.

Jesus starts by reminding us
we are blessed. and cared for.

"you're blessed when you are at
the end of your rope. with less of
you, there is more of God and
His rule."

"you are blessed when you feel
you've lost what is most dear
to you. only then can you be
embraced by the One most dear
to you."

read chapter five in matthew. less
of us and more of God. that is what my
soul cries out  for.

He is all i want. the only One who
can save me. it's all about the Blood.
"what can wash away my sin?
nothing but the Blood of Jesus....
WHAT can make me whole again?
nothing but the Blood of Jesus.....
no other fount i know...nothing but
the Blood of Jesus."

Jesus is THE Warrior.
we are His army.

i had sat on the mountain side.
with Jesus. in my mind, I was being
taught...and I could see Him.
there is so much more i need to be
for Him...come on! let's go find another
grassy knoll. maybe we can find Him.
robes blowing in the breeze. just for
a moment. a second.   

colben, my dollbaby

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