Friday, November 15

He walks with me
and He talks with me
and He tells me i am His

my very dearest korean
friend. it's been two months
since i've been to quality cleaners.
veronica and her husband's
business. as you know,
they live in my neighborhood.
i've been too ill, but i miss her.
i've hugged and kissed her...
and tried to be Jesus to her.

she always kisses my face.
in very broken english,
she tells me every time
i walk in that i'm her very
best friend. she loves me.

and for over three years, 
i have tried to pour love on her head.
paint peace on her walls. and
wait for her to open her
heart to Jesus. never a sign
of desire to know Him.

eight months. i felt she probably
missed me, too. Jesus has pulled
me deeper and deeper through
a shroud of remember my mission. my calling.

i limped through the front door
of quality cleaners.

"veronica, hey!"
and running through the
racks of cellophane-covered
clothes, i see my little, tiny
friend with pure love and joy
and worry all spooned together
on her face. we throw our
arms around each other. i'm
much taller, and i bury my face
in her neck, tears soaking her
skin. her arms tightly squeezed
around my waist. i'm not fancy
today. skinny jeans and a simple,
cropped top, and uggs.

veronica finally loosens her arms
and steps back. her face also wet
with tears.
"every morning, i pray to God,"
(and she emphasizes God!) "and
i ask Him to make you well. "
her liquid, dark eyes glisten,
and she points to Heaven. she
is excited to tell me. to let me
know she's been praying for me.
she keeps pointing up, and
saying God.

veronica has stepped over the
line. from belief in a foreign
an acute awareness of a living
God. Who loves us. Who listens.
Who cares. Who answers. a miracle!
pure and untarnished and beautiful.

"and the joy we share as we tarry
there...none other has ever known."

walking with Jesus. we
don't have to search for people
every day to love for Him. He
will put them right in front of us.
you and Jesus and i and love.
right where we live. changing
the world.

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