Wednesday, November 6

i love this Scripture
in psalm 127:

"if God doesn't build the house, 
the builders only build shacks.
if God doesn't guard the city,
the night watchman might as well
it's useless to rise early and go
to bed late, and work your
worried fingers to the bone.
don't you know He enjoys
giving rest to those He loves?"

living is all about God.
He does the teaching. the healing.
the growing. the directing.
we listen and learn and scatter
the seeds...and live with quiet
souls so we can hear Him speak.
can understand our next
assignment. know where He wants
to plant us.

feel the smooth, straight road
under your feet. experience the
wonder of young children playing.
shout into the wind, 
"He lives. He lives. glory.
hallelujah. He lives."

in the midst
of all the music and noise and
chatter of life, just hold onto
Who created it all. fixed every
star. grew all the trees. and....

taught us what love is.
pure and earnest and our only
Redemption. Jesus! the Savior
and Hope for all the world.

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