Tuesday, November 5

no matter where
you are tonight...
or your children.

no matter
hopeless you feel.
how alone.
how narrow the road looks.
how closed in the walls feel.
how low the clouds.
how short you are on
rent. how ill the one
you love is.

you just found out
someone molested your
child. or made fun of one
at school. or even did harm.

just regardless.
neglected or abused or
betrayed or misread in some
crazy, bizarre way.

Jesus reigns.
He's alive. risen. the Redeemer.
Deliverer. the true Comforter.

we have to run the Race.
face the horrors and live with
the fears. crawl out of the safety
and warmth of the bedcovers
where pain cannot touch us...and into
the raw, cold realities.

".....we KNOW that ALL things
work together for good to those
who love God..."  romans

"trust in the Lord with All thine
heart, and lean not on thine own
understanding; in ALL thy ways
acknowledge Him, and He WILL
direct thy paths."   proverbs

"a bruised reed He will NOT

our heads hang down
and our bones break
and death sometimes seems
so much easier than the
option of life.

alcohol and drugs and food
and sex and pills and many
more vices lure us. numb us.

i know.
i understand.
i've lived long enough
to see and experience much
of this. but let's do our best
to encircle our loved ones..and
those we've never met before.
and cling to the ROCK that
is higher than we are.

and the cool waters
of His love can kiss the wounds.
run River run.  keep us whole
until the Race is finally over.
our burdens dropped outside
the Gate. and we dance on
streets of gold and sing
with the choirs. with all
those who overcame...
by the Blood of the Lamb..
and the Word of our testimony.

"the Power greater than