Friday, November 8

all there is...and
was...and all there ever
will be...

love is like the clean,
morning air. and a bird dipping
low over curling ocean waves.
you feel it when sun rays warm 
the chill in the air...and someone
smiles at you in a way that says
you are special.

brandt called.
"oh, mom, i hate to say this,
but i have 75cents...and am almost
out of gas. until i'm done with
emt school, i can't get a second

he's the firefighter in the
family, with my beautiful daughter-in-
law and grandson.

i rushed to a post office.
my check would cost $40 for
overnight. $32 for two-day 
service. $7 for priority.

the gentleman behind the counter
says sometimes it gets there in
three days....priority.

"Jesus is my Hope," i look at him.
smiling. eyes shining."here's
$7!"  love is speaking Jesus' name.
the Author of all love.
why did i do that?    
what if brandt runs out
and priority takes a week? 
well, divine Love makes a way
through, even if the mountains
have to be pushed apart, and
the envelope carried on the
wings of an angel. i believe.

my dear friend, sarah, stuck
$5 in her pocket and headed to a
thrift store close by. she finds
miracles. a mentally-delayed
man was asking the person
behind the counter how long he
would hold a certain shirt.

"aw....can't you hold it two
weeks when i come back?"
""come on! two weeks..."

sarah spins around.
"how much is the dang shirt?"
"i'll buy it for him."
she pulls out the crumpled $5
bill. "i'll have to go to my car
and look for the 25cents.."
the worker volunteers that amount.

"i have my new shirt!"
"i have my new shirt...for my
grandpa's birthday."

and he is dancing around.
clutching his new gift.
sarah watching, with tears on
her face.

love is Jesus,
orchestrating each moment.
putting people together, in all
kinds of places, at exact moments
to create miracles in our lives.

don't forget to be love
where you live.

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  1. Good morning Ann! Last night Stephen and I were in downtown Reno and as we walked into Mcdonald's a man asked my son if he had change and my son told him if he did he would give him some. Well, he didn't have change left but gave the man his other cheeseburger! The man said"God Bless you". Totally amazed me. Psalm 55:22 Be blessed in all you do today!