Wednesday, May 9

affliction! thinking again
about that . whoa.....that
word is HEAVY

to be afflicted in a world that lays
every odd on the table to be well.
to keep our affliction silent. a secret.

raise your hands. remember!
raise an arm, hands spread out.
nothing being held
"i see...i see...i plunge
and oh, it cleanses me.
oh yes it does, it cleanses me"
old hymn sung as a child.

God kisses our afflictions.
tells us just to keep our eyes
and fears on Him. He died for
the afflicted.

remember. love is all there was and
all there is and all there will ever be.
pure; love.. like water rushing over
rocks. cascading into water falls.

cleanse us with clean water, Lord.
"the cleansing stream, i see, i see."

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