Thursday, May 10

trucks. cars. sanitation vehicles.
everywhere there is a little, hole-in-the-wall
restaurant.  vietnamese.  japanese.  sandwiches.
pastries (my terrible weakness).  bikes whizzing by
and engines honking for everyone to please take
notice. and move or get hit.
i look for people to catch my eye so i can smile.
you know. NOT flirt.  just put a little warmth in their
eyes. warm their hearts. feel a sliver of goodness
seep inside their souls where there is so much pain.
so much pain.  but hidden. at all costs.
covered.  but hearts are limping. shuffleling.
chilled and torn up inside and an ache that
can take any of us to the very lip of catastrophy.
this is a busy city.
sacramento. and i am sitting in a
coffee shop. facing the windows.
i've lived long enough to know all
our pain and defeat and victories and joys
are shared. 
"...He grew like a tender shoot.
   holding on to a dirt root...
  despised by others. rejected by all..."
just the physicallity of where and how Jesus
grew up.  plain and unnoticed. scoffed. ( Isaiah)
i don't know how anyone..especially i..could be
so courageous.  so bruised and pushed around.spit
at. rocks hurling.  forget the carrying of a huge, rugged
Cross.  a crown of thorns.  nailed.  talk about His
road.  the dust and heat,  trying to just to do His Father's
for all the people walking by this window.
for you. for me.  think of His journey.
"in our lives, Lord, be glorified.
be glorified..."
glory. glory. glory.
p.s. i'm going to chuck colson's memorial
service in wash. d.c..all because he lived
a glorified life for Jesus.

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  1. Ann,
    You represent those of us who cannot go to Chuck's memorial service. Like him, may we all glory for the shame that brought us to Jesus--and for His taking it away. Well done, Chuck! Cheer us on till we join you!

    Terri in Indiana