Friday, May 11

it's 6 a.m.
i'm at a coffee shop by jan and tom's
in sacramento.

new day. new possibilities.
fresh hope. promises of sunrises.
how could we go on without these?!

pray for jan.
she's very discouraged.
is anyone the same after cancer?
even when you are in remission?

fly to washington d.c. next week for
chuck colson's memorial service.
we live...and then, at God's destined moment,
cross over to eternity.
i hope my life has counted in some way like
chuck's did on me.

the sky is clear.
the sun is up.
people are passing
on the sidewalk in front of this window.
life starts early every day. when i ran ten
miles a day, i left at 5:30 a.m. for my ten-mile
run, and was bathed and in my office before
half the world was even awake. i liked that.
but i'm really not an early-morning person.

today, i pray you will feel the breeze on your face.
that you will see God every where you look.
that His peace will fill you. every crack and crevice
of your souls. that you will smile easily at all who pass
your way. that absolutely NO one will look into your faces
and not see the love of God.

find joy. in little things.
like a child skipping by. back-pack in tow.
innocence in every smile.

don't think anyone is below or above you.
you are exactly where God has you, and He
NEVER values one of us more than another.

and know i truly love you.
some, sight unseen. i love you because
you are. and, like me, imperfect every day,
but knowing Christ's vast love covers it all.
take my hand, and never forget that we are
all running this glorious, hard Race together.
and that's how we make it. each helping the
other. i love you all. look for the miracles.
they are coming!!!


  1. Oh how I love your writing, weaved with ribbons of Hope and Promise and Miracles on the Horizon-you made me SMILE and look Up into the face of Jesus today, Ann. Our Author of JOY and New tommorrows!

  2. hi ann. i met you when i was in high school back in the 80's. read your books. heard you speak once. baked you chocolate chip cookies. you sent me a postcard about it which i still have after all these years. a treasure.

    i was happy to find you again recently. then sad to hear your sister was fighting cancer. she has been in my prayers. now i am happy to hear she is in remission, a place i've been hanging out myself. please tell her cheers to her health, and love from me.

    just wanted to say hi and tell you that. and that your life has counted to me like chuck's did on you. thank you. love, joulesevans

  3. Ann, My twin told me this morning of your life events....I had read your books years ago and heard you speak did make an impact on my life. The simplicity of your message...loving the people in your world one person at a time. I too married a farmer... I know the stress of debt...seeing the one you love work so hard...the grief of watching my son in destructive behaviors....May our great God of the universe give you hope. Hope for answered prayers, hope for an easier journey through each day,hope for the hopeless. Hugs and more hugs my sweet sister in Christ....Peg de Reus.

  4. Hi Ann, No, one is never the same after cancer. It irrevocably changes one's life from what it was before. It makes one absolutely an completely aware of mortality and how fragile life really is. Cancer is never completely "cured" . . . it goes into hiding . . . and keeps one wondering when/if it will reappear. Every little ache and pain, bruise and lump, becomes a reminder of what cancer has done. I'm still going through my cancer journey (Stage IIIb breast cancer) . . . and I know I will never be the same. I don't WANT to be the same. May God be glorified in what HE is doing through my body.

    1. Dearest Ann, i am so blessed to find you once again! How impacted my life in the early 80's, as we were/are close in age,single,sold out to Jesus, writers, many similarities. God used your books to encourage me so, as i did/don't have sisters or significant Christian mentors. my dear mother, passed away unexpectedly when I was fourteen, and each family member went a different direction. i too was married for thirteen very difficult years and have been divorced for 12. i would love to hear your thoughts as a single, divorced woman who is living for Jesus. I often feel like a missionary- not in the typical, church sending you out and overseas, but unmistakenly called to the part of the city I reside in. Big mean city, little me, Big God! I am blessed again to see that you still love Jesus and i thank you for sharing your journey with us. I will keep you and your sister Jan in my prayers <3
      Please accept this as my heartfelt embrace. Your sister in Christ...Lilly Stevens p.s.My heart is delighted to see that you still write in 'lower case' giving only the Lord the honor of capitilazation! God Bless!