Saturday, May 26

i can hear the wind
pushing pebbles and sticks
and noise and chaos... almost
enough rhythm to start up the band.
to blow the horns and tap the drums
and march to the cadence of 
Heaven's choir.

i often used to sing a little song to
children in my neighborhood...and abroad:
"lonely voices crying in the city.
lonely voices sounding like a child.
lonely voices come from busy  people...
too afraid to stop a little while...."

i travelled from san francisco to washington, d.c.
to bid farewell to chuck colson via the memorial
service.  tears fled from my eyes, and down my
soul, and i longed for one last chat.  one more
letter.  another message.  just one more. tomorrow
i will tell you a few moments that God DID give me.

it feels so good to be back with
all of you.  we follow in the wake of
a noble warrior that God decided had done
more than enough service for the Master.

the wind in the trees becomes quiet.
and gathering storms howl out the message
that even in loneliness, there can be joy.


  1. Ann -
    I was so happy to see your post this morning. I have missed your words of wisdom and encouragement. I hope your are continuing to feel better. :)

  2. I am so, so glad you are back.